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Praktisches Jahr - IBAM Informationsbroschüre

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Clinical Education Wards Integrative Medicine

The Clinical Education Ward for Integrative Medicine for final year training at Witten/Herdecke University, located at Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke, is designed and run by the Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Medicine.

The Clinical Education Wards for Integrative Medicine (CEWIM) connect two goals:a practically oriented training for medical students and good patient care. Hereby the students work as independently as possible to assure care for the patient and the related work on the ward. Students are supervised by doctors who offer bed-side teaching. Clinical educators deliver lessons and guide and correct the students medical activity, as well as take responsibility for the treatment of the patients.

The concept of CEWIM is based on the idea that students have much to offer. This could be of benefit to the patients:
dedication, personal interest, time, enthusiasm, knowledge and much more. Caring for the patient with the support of a physician offers to the student a possibility to learn things that no text-book, lecture or simulation could teach: grasping the suffering of a real patient, the development of a medical ethos in confrontation with a patients destiny, the managing of every-day organization and tasks of the ward, time-management, communication with nurses, therapists, medical co-workers as well as health institutions.

Not only is this type of learning unique, but also the content of study and practice: it is about an Integrative Medicine which enhances conventional medicine with complementary medicine. CEWIM practices this extension in terms of Anthroposophic Medicine, which intends to support and perceive the individuals spirituality in confrontation with illness. The foundation is a medical view of the human being, which takes into account body, soul and spirit.