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Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Psychology (ICURAP)

The different types of understanding of the human being, which we encounter on an every day basis and in science, differ more and more each day. In science – also in psychology- human freedom is generally questioned. Our every day actions, however, seem to be based on freedom and self-responsibility (e.g. the justice system). Our every-day actions obviously differ from our science. If one does not want to be generally satisfied with these types of contradictions, a fundamental question arises. Which human- and world-concept do we live by? How can we establish a science that encorporates and addresses the largest possible spectrum of observable phenomena.The question concerning an understanding of the human being and of the world makes up the core of the ICURAP. The differentiation and exploration of bodily levels, experience based levels and cognition based levels – body, mind and soul—play a key role in this context. They facilitate a new approach to seemingly oppositional science and every day experiences.We would like to extend a warm welcome, to looking in to the ICURAP and would like to offer an overview of the individual elements.