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Anthroposophical biography work

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Human personal development is the starting point of biography work. Every human being’s life-line is filled with experiences, events and crises, out of which questions on correlations and a possible sense of coherence arise.

Anthroposophical biography work begins with a person’s current questions and lets these questions lead the way. They accompany and support individual development. Biography work can contribute to developing an open inquisitive mind-set towards one’s own biography and consciously perceiving, recognizing and acknowledging possible interconnections concerning life events. This can create the base for shaping one’s own future more freely. (Source: Biography Work as a Profession on the base of Anthroposophy. Would you like to learn more? Follow this link …)


Biography work is offered as part of the Integrative Curriculum for Anthroposophic Psychology (ICURAP), which gives students the opportunity to work on current questions and challenges in their own biography. Especially the process of studying requires much adjustment, brings along many challenges and questions. Biography work offers individual possibility for conversation, support and accompaniment for current decision-making, problems and life questions. The offer can be taken advantage of as individual biography work or as a continuing course.

Introductory Course

Students receive individual support and accompaniment with current decisions, life-questions and problems. Part of this offer can give support in searching for one’s own story-line, as well as experiencing and practicing a method, which can later be implemented in working with one’s own patients.

Biography workers: Carine Biessels & Andrea Körsgen



Continuing Course

In facing their own biography, participants of a regular group can experience the method of biography work. Aside from conversation, we utilize creative means to discover biographical regularities, personal life themes, individual resources, motives and abilities. A further focus lies on practicing a supportive and appreciative conversational style. The course understands itself as a continuous entity and participation should continue on all three weekends, if possible.

Following participation of three introductory weekends, participants can develop their knowledge in continuing courses, in order to utilize biography work as an additional method in their later field of work.The continuing program conforms with the BVBA guide lines. Participation in all modules (eight weekends) qualifies for “Basic Knowledge in Biography Work on the Basis of Anthroposophy & Conversational Skills for Physicians and Psychologists”


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