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Underlying Concept

Underlying Concept

Psychological phenomena find expression on different levels of human behavior, human experience and human cognition. Empathy, for example, is recognizable by a higher type of attention towards another human being. This becomes externally visible through bodily (as well as neuronal) behavior. Furthermore, the experience of empathy is possible in a concrete inner mood and attitude towards the other person. Furthermore it allows us to gain insight of ourselves, the other human being and the effect of attention and care for example. Even if such insight may become relevant only through more differentiated research.In order to continue further development and research methods and to promote substantial work, we have searched and found several exciting impulses in the anthroposophical approach to arts and humanities. We would like to incorporate these in to our education and research. This way this initiative has two parts—the ICURAM and ICURAP as part of the studies in a closed sense; as well as the research areas of the anthroposophically extenden psychology.

The ICURAP is a voluntary additional offer, which aims primarily at the students of psychology. The participants of ICURAP do not gather credit points for the basic studies and participation will be accredited separately from the final degree of the basic curricula.

ICURAP from the students' perspective

“The ICURAP makes it possible for me to intensely focus on the multi-facetted human being and its experiences and to enlivend my image of the human being. I am very happy about the current offers and the connection with the ICURAM. I am especially grateful for the practical experiences, which I can already implement in to my work parallel to my studies.”

(Student of the masters’ track “Clinical Psychology and Psychological Science” at the University of Witten/Herdecke)