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Clinical Education Ward Integrative Medicine (CEWIM)

Educational Research at the Clinical Education Wards Integrative Medicine (CEWIM)

The effects of active student participation on the following areas of scientific research are subject of study:

  • Learning process of the students (educational research)
  • Quality of patient care (patient care research)

Learning process of the students:
The students assess their own competencies at the beginning and at the end of their time working on the education ward. The self-assessment of the learning success is thus documented. The students receive external feedback through the clinical educators. Towards the end, the student's learning experiences are documented through interviews and qualitatively analyzed.

Patient care:
All of the patients treated on the education wards are contacted via questionnaire concerning their experiences. At its core are the assessment of the treatment quality, the students’ and the team of doctors’ care. Furthermore, patients expectations concerning complementary medical care and how they were met are assessed.

The research on quality of care takes care in line with the Interdisciplinary Center for Health Services Research of Witten/Herdecke University and in cooperation with the Picker-Institute in Hamburg.

Goal of the accompanying research is to evaluate whether the education wards could serve as a model for further education wards, and which impact is associated with the different areas mentioned above.

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