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Research group of the ICURAM Chair for Medical Theory, Integrative and Anthroposophical Medicine.

Essential to understanding time-structures and the living, is the concept of rhythm. Without the multitude of rhythmically proceeding physiological processes, a liing organism would not be plausible.

Capturing the order of time of the human organism (chronobiology), has seen a tremendous rise. The rhythms of the heart-beat and breathing offer access to physiological and pathological processes, as the center of the rhythmical organization of the human organism. These rhythmical processes are therapeutically directly responsive: e.g. in artistic therapies (musial- and speech-therapy)1, as well as any kind of regularly recurring therapy. A first scientific analysis of the dynamic of heart frequency published in relation to the integrative curriculum emerged in the year 2007 American Journal of Physiology2. Further publications are in preparation.

Point of departure are the previously established procedures for identification of the rhythms of the heart beat (including the heart rate variability) and breathing and their interaction. Currently, a doctoral thesis focuses on how curative eurythmy influences the heart- and breathing rhythms. Furthermore, the influence of artistic therapies (e.g. curative eurythmy, form drawing) on pathological processes is topic of study. Studies to the effect of external applications (rhythmic embrocations/massage) are planned.


1 Cysarz D; Von Bonin D; Lackner H; Moser M; Bettermann H. Oscillations of heart rate and respiration synchronize during poetry recitation. American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology 2004 287(2): H579-H587.

2 Cysarz D; Lange S; Matthiessen PF; Van Leeuwen P. Regular heartbeat dynamics are associated with cardiac health. Am J Physiol - Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2007 291(1): R368-R372.

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