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Research Projects

ICURAM is currently researching in different fundamental and educational fields.

The current educational research encompasses following areas:

1.    Patient care by students on the Clinical Education Wards Integrative Medicine in their final year.
2.    Clinical Reflexion Training, professionalization and mentoring.
3.    Empathy
4.    Clinical clerkships including the impact of implementing instruments for the improvement of clinical training (logbooks, preparatory talks, …)
5.    Research project “Learning to Learn”, especially impeding and supportive factors, as well as physiological and psychological factors, self-regulated learning and didactic models for conveying competencies in studying and self-guidance, in congruency with the learning workshop.

Contact persons:

  • Dr. med. Christian Scheffer, MME (Section 1, 2, 3) – Email 
  • Gudrun Roling, MSc (Section 3) - Email
  • Diethard Tauschel (Section 4+5) – Email
  • Miriam Thye, MSc (Section 5) - Email
  • Maria Paula Valk-Draad, MSc (Section 1) - Email
  • PD Dr. med. Friedrich Edelhäuser (Section 1-5) – Email