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Concept & Integration

The concept of the Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Medicine (ICURAM) is based on Rudolf Steiner’s recommendations for design and further development of undergraduate medical curricula, with a focus on studies of nature, man, and illness from a comprehensive perspective. Training in perception, reflexion, feeling and intention as part of a physician’s key activities play an important role, in addition to development of therapeutic skills and medical ethos. Furthermore, the possibility of guided reflection of one´s own growth process towards medical professionalism is offered.
Learning to understand and practice the different art, movement and manual therapies is part of all of the phases of medical training.

A core constituent of the ICURAM curriculum is its continuous collective shaping by professors, teaching staff and students alike. This student involvment finds its expression, for example, in the Curriculum Committee, ICURAM plenary meetings, feedback and developmental talks.

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