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Goal of the medical training in ICURAM is the systematic qualification of doctors in responsible work with Anthroposophic Medicine.

In order to provide an integrative medical approach to patient care in an interprofessional team, a broad perspective and understanding of the human being is fostered. At the core are the human organism, its organs, their function and relation to spiritual and psychological dimensions in health and disease, as well as therapeutic approaches. The natural remedies encorporate treatment based on non-medical substances. Furthermore, impulses for developing an “inner path” as a medical professional, as well as fostering the will to offer help to the ill, are key elements.

The medical training focuses on

  • Realization of a medicine, which considers body, mind and soul in its therapy
  • Supporting the patient´s individuality in order to develop in the face of illness and personal destiny
  • Developing the patients´autonomy and assuming responsibility for their own health
  • Developing a dialog in relationship with the patient
  • Focus on the use of anthroposophic therapies: natural based remedies, external applications, art therapies, curative eurythmie, biographically oriented counselling
  • Reflection of medical action and rational judgement of the efficacy of treatment
  • Setting foot on a personal and professional “inner path” as a physician