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Points of Focus

The curriculum addresses the following core areas:

Semester 1 - 4:

  • health - disease - healing
  • basic aspects of a phenomenological science of man
  • development of a comprehensive understanding and concept of nature
  • an understanding of the relationship between humans and different realms of nature

Semester 5 - 7:

  • health - disease - healing
  • knowledge, skills and attitudes in various clinical disciplines
  • basic laws governing a life cycle
  • medicinal science (use of medical and non-medical treatments)
  • pharmaceutics
  • spiritual basics of Anthroposophic Medicine
  • suggestions for self-determined training in skills and personal growth

 Semester 8 - 12:

  • health - disease - healing
  • knowledge, skills and attitudes involved in various clinical disciplines
  • Setting foot on a personal and professional “inner path” as a doctor
  • medical ethos, medical actions and therapeutic abilities
  • critical assessment of therapeutic results