IBAM an der Uni Witten/Herdecke

Integriertes Begleitstudium Anthroposophische Medizin

Research Associates

Wer ist wer?

Maria Paula (Myriam) Valk-Draad, M.Sc.


Dr. med. Gabriele Lutz

Dr. Lutz is neurologist and physician for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at the Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke. Her research focuses on professional personality development, teaching in the areas of practical reflexion, communication, psychosmatic medicine and mentoring. Furthermore, she is active in various faculty commitees.

Gudrun Roling, Dipl. PGW

Gudrun Roling is a health- and nursing-specialist, as well as nursing- and health-scientis. As a research associate with focus on empathy and interprofessional co-working, she is active in the areas of educational research of ICURAM. Additionally, Gudrun Roling’s work on the teaching ward (internal medicine) at the Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke focuses on practical interprofessional training, people with cognitive disabilities and the application of external wraps and poultices.

Dr. phil. David Hornemann von Laer

Dr. phil. David Hornemann v. Laer, art-scholar and perception-researcher, teaches courses on anthropology together with Diethard Tauschel. His particular focus: replacing interpretation with unbiased observations, instead of explanations offer travel-guides, heuristics instead of hermeneutics. „Thinking experienced as intuition (…) is a percept in which the perceiver himself is active, and it is a self-activity that is also perceived as it is taking place.” Rudolf Steiner, The Philosophy of Freedom, 15th Edition, Dornach 2005, P. 216.

Miriam Thye, M.Sc.

Scientific associate in the Department of Psychology and Psychotherapy, as well as ICURAM. Doctoral candidate “Meditation and Procrastination” with the question of healthy, intrinsic motivated and sustainable learning. Psychologist, meditation teacher, yoga teacher (in training.) und Naturopath (psychotherapy) with a practical part-time job in development diagnostics of children and family consulting. Boardmember of the “Room of Silence at the UWH”. Enthusiastically active in current activities and work in progress at the UWH. Research Projects